Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Postman Bringeth

This past week has been hectic. It included providing a part-time living arrangement for my son, which included putting a bed in the office and rearranging just about every other room in the house to accommodate the stuff that had been where the bed is now. It's chaotic right now.
Obviously, not a planned-for event.

I was oh, so happy when I went to the mailbox and retrieved some goodies that are perfect fodder for collage and other artsy projects. A much needed distraction.

First, a thank you note from a birthday girl became:

Spring Fashion (1963)
Greeting card, gift wrap,
Duck tape (in glitter!) and a
It's a bit more "girlie" than my usual, but I think it has just the right edginess to it to not stray into "cute" territory. Besides, the woman's expression just glares at you as if to say, "You can't afford me."

An invitation from the Phoenix zoo had the perfect collection of images to attempt a mosaic for the next TwobyTwo twinchie challenge. Coming up next is, "Nine-patch." Cutting perfect squares was, ahem, tedious, then trying to arrange them?! 

Whose idea was this? Oh, yeah, mine! 

Nine-patch mosaic and
I don't know if I'll try the perfectly square mosaic thing again. Like, maybe never!.I'll stick to my more typical throw stuff down and see what works methodology, which I also did. I still have a bunch of pretty pictures to play with another time. 

I may go see the beautiful tigers, but I'm not joining the zoo for $179; that I'm fairly certain of.

Lastly, the same mailman left a postbox out in the pouring rain and we found it about three hours later. His job may be to deliver the mail in the rain, but mine is not to go schlepping to find it! The box was soaked and the corrugated paper peeling apart. Luckily the paper scrapbooking supplies inside did not get wet!

But the box provided plenty of fodder for little artworks! Besides, corrugated paper is my favorite (and I still owe you all my story as to WHY!)!
So, I collected some goodies.

The teenie paper has a note from my daughter asking to play with a friend--actually, more of a demand. I remember she had finished her chores, made an accounting thereof and slipped the note to me in the bathroom!

So I glued some of this up after applying some paint and trying to get 400 grit sandpaper to stick (it wanted very badly to curl!). I don't consider it a big success, but it includes my offering for the EIM, "texture."

Texture Inchie in a
You win some and you lose some! I'm going to try working on some more Nine-Patch thingies. Don't you want to join the fun?


  1. What a top variety! Really love this post.

  2. love all the work you did this week, love the tiger and the texture.

  3. I think that mosaic is great. I forgot how much fun a mosaic can be; haven't done one for years. Nice of the mailman to bring you such pretty junk. Great use of a soggy carton too :)

  4. Wow! What a time....so glad the contents of your soggy parcel survived! Nice shares this week :-)


  5. great inchie - love the use of corrugated cardboard and the different colours as well as textures