Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's About Time

Imagine if you will.... Oops, wrong show.

If you are of a certain age, you may remember a short-lived situation-comedy called, "It's about Time." Don't worry if you don't, as many of my friends peer at me warily when I mention it. I've been known to rattle off the theme song as if it were on the telly last night, and it has been fifty years since it aired! Eee ghad!

At the EIM, the theme this week is wormhole, a theoretical space-time construct that would allow travel across the universe. So, if we're talking time travel, let's start by going back to 1967:

Alrighty, then!

Let's see if I can improve this post ever so slightly with my contributions to the Diva, numbers 292 and 293:
Quartet of Bar Coasters
The objectives here were to use "Keeko" as in the top left and "Eazy" as in the bottom right. That was kind of fun. Soon I'll release them into the wild....

At the TwobyTwo, the theme is yarn. I've been knitting as therapy. (I would prefer to crochet, but it hurts my fingers; they don't quite curl like they did before the accident).

I'm making washcloths, or they could be used as dishcloths. The yarn is 100 percent cotton and these knit up at ten inches. I'm trying to sell them to help with my hospital bills, if anyone is interested. Email me at 1xeritas@gmail.com and I'll give you the details.

In different news, what has been captivating my time is making woobies. Through a friend, I found out a clinic at Luke Air Force Base has been looking for blankies. I have a stack almost ready to deliver. I'm so happy they can put these to good use.

Keeping these fingers VERY BUSY! It's not like I have work to do! HA!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Dedicated to Freebird

If you've been around these parts and you follow links to other challenges, you will find Freebird and her beads. But, perhaps, this week, she may be silent as she lost her mother AND her brother in the space of eight days. 

I was thinking of her the other day while I was making spaghetti sauce. She posted a couple weeks ago that she tried a recipe from that weird wide web called the Internet and found it to be just dreadful. Using her creative brain she was able to save that day's dinner by adding some salsa!

I'm posting my recipe. I never make it exactly the same way, but it seems to get to the same result every time, for me anyway. (NB: there's a reason why I'm not a baker. I mostly wing it in the kitchen with whatever floats my boat that day or whatever I have in the fridge to work with). 

My prayers are with you, Free! And if I could drop in, I'd bring a big tray of lasagna. Food is love and the recipe will just have to do. For now. Just follow this link!

Onto other things.

For the TwobyTwo, for "tangled," I went with a spider and it's web in Loteria fashion. Loteria is, essentially, Mexican "Bingo!"

Loteria card #33 is of La Arana, the spider. Collage with dictionary definition page of "web."

I guess it could also factor in one of the recent Diva Challenges as she's had spider webs on the brain as well. And I think it is kind of fitting for today, Dia de los Muertos

Thank you for stopping by and have a brilliant day!