Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Can YOU say, "System Restore?"

I know you can.
That's what I'm up to.

Meanwhile, I worked on a concept for "hotel," the EIM word of the week

Because that's how I feel!

No one can hear you SCREAM!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Let Them eat Cake!

It's birthday week! Or, it's an excuse to do a lot of fun stuff. Either way, we both win! Last night I was treated to a trip to the gun range to improve my rusty skills and then dinner at our favorite Italian place. What fun!
I don't know what the rest of the week may bring, but I'm working  on my take on "CAKE!"
I've never shied away from having just cake for dinner, or breakfast, for that matter. Is anyone else amused by the women's magazines that advertise how to lose five-ten-fifteen pounds THIS WEEK plus a recipe for an awesome chocolate cake that weighs in at over 600 calories per slice? That's more than I normally consume for dinner, so why not skip the meat and potatoes and go straight to dessert?
We can always be good tomorrow. Or, the next day!

I've visited this concept before now:

But I wanted to do a glue and paste collage--this is more correctly termed an assemblage--to add to my collection of fridge magnets:

My Favorite Chinese Fortune
What's your favorite cake? (Mine has to be any that I don't make myself--which is ALL of them as I'm not the baker in the household!)
Check out what the other artists have whipped up for their response to cake, and perhaps join the fun!
I also tackled the EIM for the week, "Myth."
There are endless possibilities there--perhaps the Kokopelli of the ancient Arizona ancestors? You know what I mean--the ubiquitous flute players, the gods of fun and fertility. But to do that properly deserves some photographs. I'll have to revisit that concept another time.
Instead, I chose the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. I saw a couple memes that suggest that the bird is more beautiful after the fire than before, and a relationship to the Irish adage, "That which does not kill you makes you stronger."

Color pencil and marker
No surprise, the symbol appears on the flag of the city. It's a very interesting emblem that deserves reprise. And all the crayons in the box. Have a brilliant day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Soundtrack of Life

I am truly blessed. The love of my life adores me, his words, not mine. But he holds the line at my singing and for good reason. I cannot carry a tune to save my life.
This does not preclude me from enjoying good music and I truly love to dance (though I've taken no formal training, I just shake my booty).
My man immediately introduced me to flamenco guitar artists...remember Charo? Coochi-coochi? She plays a mean guitar. And he's fond of newer artists like Jesse Cook, Ottmar Leibert and Strunz and Farrar (and we've been able to see them all in concert in fairly intimate venues). Some of their songs are so emotional and passionate, they've become the soundtrack to our love affair.
But there's one song in particular that stands out from all the others: Malagena Salerosa, a classic mariachi song. The rock band Chingon recreated it and we like that rendition. But we really like going to El Encanto in Cave Creek and asking the guitarist to sing it--he can carry those notes for forever.
So I created this digital assemblage of a flamenco dancer and the music:

Malagena Salerosa

The impetus for this was the word of the week at EIM: "rhythm." I started with the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, which is hosting the world's only heavy metal mariachi band on Sunday: Metalachi. I'm not sure if Planet Earth needs more than one, but they have a VERY interesting sound.
In between, I learned that there are minimum requirements for the players in a mariachi band--there are specific numbers of violins, guitars and horns that make up the band. And pity the poor guy who has to lug around the humongous guitarron. He's the unsung leader as it is this instrument that sets the beat.

I leave you with this one.
What's the soundtrack to YOUR life?

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Other Ear

I just had to try another ear; the concept just begs to be heard, doesn't it? HA! Spurred on by yesterdays comments, I had to work through this one. It's a twinchie, not an inchie!

LOGIC is the new SEXY
Zoe, this one's for YOU! Whaddya think?!

And I got busy with some Zentangles and finally scanned in some "stuff." Oh, boy! What a day!
First was the Diva's Challenge to use the new Can T tangle. It vaguely reminds me of a bunch of other choices, but...let's stick to the plan, shall we? [NB: I am what happens when AD meets OC; an alphabet soup of disorders!]
Diva 234
What CanT Can do!
It didn't really do what I was willing it to do, and you know what happens when you even ATTEMPT to make a tangle do your bidding! At least I was willing to show my work, just like I had to in Calculus class. Talk about back to school!
Then it's the String Thing:
IAST 109
It's a Bug's Life

In between, I drew one JUST FOR FUN! Whaddya think about THAT?!

Standing Room Only
And the crowd goes wild!

(If you can't get enough of this, check out the rest of the work I've posted on my Flickr page.)
Thanks for spending some of your very valuable time here with me. It's always appreciated.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm ALL Ears!

This week's EIM is "ear." I immediately thought of Van Gogh's ear, which is an intriguing, if not really creepy story; the epitome of the deranged artist.

NO! The OTHER ear!
Portrait de l'artiste
The intense colors, the thick impasto and the rich imagery! I was going to dig out my paints and try something like that, but the to-do list is ridiculous today. (Do NOT mention the word, "pool" to me. Just don't!)
Thus, I went looking for other famous "ears."

"You meet the most eeeeenteresting people..."
I was having a good time, laughing about Gossamer, the monster, but I was getting farther afield and no closer to my goal, when I found:

The Internet is all a twitter over the upcoming Star Wars installment, so it's timely. I haven't seen the "first" three, so I don't know about "VII." (Nothing quite compares with the very first one, in my mind).
I had to create a little more something, so here goes:

A Yoda Meme
There are plenty of Yoda-isms out there, but the Force is strong in this one. Indeed, thus speaks the Lord of the Nerds:

This is the most important lesson I have learned from Master Yoda. Anything that starts out negative will only yield negative results. Do not fight fire with fire. All humans feel fear but we shouldn’t let it control us. We all feel anger towards other people but we must let it pass and never let it turn into hatred because hatred is like drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to die from it.

A decent life lesson.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Jewelry

In some ways I'm still working through last weeks know how these things just carry over and spill into "normal" life? Last week it was necklace and I chose my favorite, then I started looking for more of my baubles for the TwobyTwos "Treasure." I have this treasure chest on a strand--there's a little bit of everything here:

Just missing some Diamonds!
But I wanted to have something a bit more philosophical and I chose to interpret Proverbs 3:15. I'm always playing with typefaces and I need to dig up my collection as the current offerings in Photoshop are pretty lame--they all look the same! But, for now:

She is Wisdom
It needs a little work, yet, but you get the idea? I like the rusty, crusty background, don't you?
I'll get back to the EIM and all the other things; just not today. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, September 4, 2015


I've been working on assorted Zentangle challenges and none of the results are making me happy. So, I'm not showing you what I did.
It may be because I've been a bit distracted by our spa reno--it's dismantled, which is quite the accomplishment. It's slow going, but my better half is determined to get it done now that pool season is rapidly drawing to a close.
We like our spa. We want to be in it!
But I wanted to do the inchie this week, too. The theme at EIM is "necklace." I have a favorite, sapphire and diamonds, oh, my! It sits crooked on me, I've never quite figured out why. I guess that's part of it's charm.
That is not my neck
It belongs to Julianne Moore

So, it's back to my drawings...I still have to work on my "treasure" and I started yet ANOTHER blog. Call me crazy; you already know I am.
Please take the time to check out what the artists are accomplishing at EIM and if you're so inclined, participate in these other blogs I've been working on. Thanks for stopping by and have a brilliant day!