Friday, April 1, 2016

No Fooling!

April Fool's Day may have been practiced since Chaucer wrote his "Canterbury Tales" (the first evidence of any such thing according to Wikipedia and you know that must be right), but I try to shy away from all that.
Alas, the day is yet young.
There is a fine intersection between Ms. Bruno's "It's a String Thing" and our very own "Two by Two by Tuesday" art blog challenges this week. She said, "Citrus" and we said, "Orange."
Could there be this strange coincidence?!
[NB: we posted our topics for the whole year way back in November]
Well, I went just crazy for Citrus, as you can see in my last post. What I hadn't done was my official IAST artwork, which I present here:

It doesn't say, "Sunkist"
I drew Citrus as the string and SQUEEZED in: a triangle pattern, Paradox, Phroz, N'Zeppel, Shattuck that got Hypnotized and Printemps with a little Tippling (going clockwise from bottom left), all nested in a triangular grid. 
Remember the advertisement that asked, "If doesn't say 'Sunkist' you don't know what you're getting?"
That pretty much sums that up, doesn't it? 

Now to go back and work on some "oranges." I'm thinking on collage this time...

Aren't you glad we didn't say, "Banana?"
Does that joke even translate from English into other languages?

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