Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I don't know if it's the heat or what-have-you, but I'm just muddling through some of these weekly challenges. Or am I making things more complicated than they need to be?
Oh, that could NEVER be it!
Last week's IAST was to work up Fengle as a string then work it. A couple sleepless nights and boy did I make some messes there. This is what I actually confessed to making:

For the Birds
From there I tried the media treatment at the Diva. Let's just say that whatever that is didn't work for me, with a LOT of paper hitting the recycle bin. I have plenty of markers and they just didn't blend like that. I thought of taking my trusty Sharpie and using rubbing alcohol on it. Then I thought differently.
Zentangle is supposed to be meditative and relaxing. I didn't want to get caught up in the materials so much as the method. And while this shows none of the point of this week's challenge, the result was less stress and more Zen:

Then it was a last minute attack on my very own TwobyTwo. This week the word is "diamond." At first it was all about the sparkle, then I considered the geometric shape. Oh, there's trouble just waiting to happen there!
In real life, one of the things I do is print giclees, or more technically correct, archival inkjet canvas prints. While producing the latest project for a client, I ended up with a lot of sample pieces. So I cut one section up into diamond shapes, after spending hours figuring out the angles and tried to glue it all back together.
Uh huh, not happening.
It all curled up. It'll be pretty once I straighten it all out. Maybe.

So I tried to "just do it" on paper. An attempt at "Tumbling Blocks."

Yeah, well....
Then I tried another cut and paste and the resulting fridge magnet will do.

At EIM, the word is "radio." When I moved to Phoenix, 95.5 was a smooooooth jazz station. It's now a "whatever we want" station on IHeart radio. I give you, "The Mountain."

I actually did one Zentangle JFF:

And I'll leave you with a revisit to Diva 268, to use more black than "usual."
Be sure to check out the various blogs, there is plenty of inspiration to be found out there. Pay particular attention to the "Beads of Courage;" there's a lot of good going on!

(If you're looking for me, I'll be out in the yard. I sent 100 grapefruits to the local food bank yesterday and I need to do it again!)

P.S. This is what 100 grapefruits look like:

The Second 100


  1. Wow, I love the diamonds! Geometrics are my thing! Love the work this week.

  2. Your food bank is very fortunate, and healthy too. I really love the coloured diamond piece, even if it did curl up a bit. I think, given your state of mind, a tile that caught the zen moment is better than one that meets the challenge but stresses you out. (And it's pretty too.) I hope you feel a little more relaxed soon.

  3. All of your pieces are excellent, but I have to admit that the one I like best is the one with the curling pieces! I love dimension and I love unexpected art. Just yummy to look at! We have so few good radio stations here in Phoenix that I actually have that one on my car radio. The signal isn't very strong, so often won't even come in and when it does, your right, anything could be playing!

  4. Your artwork is always amazing and the inchie is great

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. great artwork. I ;pve the use of a favourite station for your inchie - well done

  6. All so very beautiful! (Yes also the grapefruits :-)

  7. You've been having a very busy time! Impossible to get the right result every single time but you are giving it your best shot lol so be kind to yourself on some of the projects:-)


  8. Great tangles and inchie. Wow fancy being able to grow grapefruit, I love them. THat's a lot of fruit.