Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Channeling Jules Verne

The EIM for the week is "underground."
This me, underground. See? I really do exist.

This is Team LoudandStinky geocaching in a lava tube, Flagstaff back in 2005. Photo by Sr. G.

We've been talking about doing it again, at least "Stinky" wants to. So we'll go soon and report back. It's always chilly in there--40 degrees year-round, so it'll be a welcome diversion from our heat. It's just funny that it's been a topic of discussion and here we want to go "underground" for the EIM.

I was thinking of sharing a photograph from Antelope Canyon, but my old hard drive just crashed and with it...about 25,000 photographs. UGH. This is from the Travel Channel:

The canyon always finds its way onto bucket lists, most recently on AOL. Go ahead, there's some cool stuff there.
I feel blessed that I've seen all four of them listed in the States. Moving along...

And I found in today's news, a brand new World Heritage Site, Dolmen de Viera, in Andalusia, Spain is an underground tomb from 4,000 years ago. Pretty interesting!

I've been mostly bouncing around this internet thingie. Too hot to do much else. I dragged myself from underground and started heading to the "exit," the word for the TwobyTwo. I was trying to channel my inner rocker and create something along the lines of "In through the Out Door, " by Led Zeppelin. I always thought that album cover art was really cool. Especially the paint-water-and-it-changes-colors part.
Hmm, no.
What I found was a "documentary" on street artists called "Exit through the Gift Shop." Paintings associated with the film show lab rats, so I went this a-way:

Exit Strategy
Having seen a massive lab rat once try to escape our school, it just kind of, almost, makes sense.
Thanks for stopping by. Stay cool. Have a brilliant day!


  1. I love that you have the ability to go to places like that. So cool to see what you look like! I really love the direction that you went with for the themes. I am also sorry that your hard drive crashed! I hope you can get all your pics back! HAve a great one

  2. love the originality of your inchie I'd never survive in caves as I am quite claustraphobic - great job this week

  3. I'm with Kia, I don't mind big caves, but am a bit claustrophobic. Great idea for your inchie and it's great to see what you look like.