Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It's been freaky busy around here, and only partially in a good way. I have some freelance work to take care of and that's good!
The washing machine quitting in the midst of rinsing spa towels, not so much. It's sitting in the middle of the kitchen, with the lid and back cover off. My handy dandy plumber diagnosed the problem and should have it all swell. Some time next week after the parts arrive.
He also is the proud new owner of a boat that doesn't go. But he knew that when he bought it. He thought he had the problem figured out, installed new parts. We took it to the nearest lake and still no go.
There better not be a third thing that decides not to work right this week. What is it about things in "threes?"

So I can get back to my normally scheduled craziness, I decided to repurpose some artwork so I can (kind of) keep up with what I've been trying to do.

For the TwobyTwo, I offer up this image of the ocean. It's a large needlepoint painting that I did in college. The signature reads 1978. I must've had a lot of free time on my hands and had the patience for such things then.

For the EIM, photographs of my favorite subject matter:

Numero Uno
New River
Copyright, Gustavsen-Stapleton Studios
That's a close-up from the first digital image I ever took in 2005, so it's named, "Numero Uno." I was pretty reluctant to embrace the technology, but don't you dare take away my camera now!

And my fave:
Dressed in Red
Copyright, Gustavsen-Stapleton Studios
This is a honey bee collecting pollen from a cholla--a nasty, prickly cactus. I call her, "Dressed in Red."
I hope you like what I have to offer this week and don't mind that I borrowed things from around the house. The photographs are for sale, inquire.

(And as always, be mindful of copyright laws and attribution. Forgiveness gets pricey when lawyers are involved!).

Thanks for stopping by! Have a brilliant day!


  1. Love the ocean art work! It is amazing! Now the bees, I am not a fan of them but you captured them and their space in this world fantastically

  2. Fabulous needlepoint ocean and some really lovely bee photographs.

  3. Hope things get fixed soon. Agree about things in threes though not a clue why??

    Love the artwork and the wonderful inchies

    Chrissie xx

  4. Fabulous wave & a great bee pic! Still having internet connection issues.....