Thursday, July 31, 2014

About Me


I'm Cheryl and I'm a lot of things
And a lot of different things to different people.
For one year, almost, I've been a homeowner
Ten years, a graphic artist
Twenty years on a computer (or forty, depending on the definition of "computer") 
25 years, a parent
35 years a photographer
45 years, an illustrator, sewist, crocheter
50 years a sister
55 a daughter
I'm a lover, a therapist, a tax advisor, nutritionist, nurse, chef, chauffeur, a friend. I've been a nanny, housekeeper (don't laugh so hard!), farmer, saleperson, bookkeeper, student, model, yoga instructor, travel agent, newspaper reporter, bus driver, Scout leader, coach. Some call me "Compost Queen," a dubius honor for sure, but it keeps my garden happy.
I think I missed a few.
I'm working on a cookbook so my adult children don't starve. And the house I own is quaintly called, "vintage," but it's really a project.
Love to hear from ya! If you wish to drop me a line, drop here :

Have a brilliant day!

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