Friday, February 20, 2015


I rarely sit to blog on a Friday. I'm usually doing a lot of running around in advance of the weekend, which I try not to do as the freeway is almost always tied up because someone was in a hurry to meet their maker.
But it always seems like I'm doing something when I should just be home.
I'm doing a fair job of keeping up with the zinchie project, making a couple almost every day. My next part of the project will be to get them all in one permanent place--like framing them up or some such thing.

Broke out the black Strathmore and the white Y-K pen today! That was special!

I'm having a fun time reading the blogs and comments that explain how some of these patterns came about. (Gord?! Really?!) Most of them have been catalogued at, where blog-owner Linda Farmer has a collection of wine-themed patterns all her own. (She also has a conversation about how to organize patterns and I really need to do something!)
Gotta get back to what I should be doing. The weekend is fast approaching!

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