Thursday, February 12, 2015

Trying to Relax

After the week I had last, I need some major decompression. I'm continuing my pursuit of zinchies and have done a couple extra already this week. Focusing on an inch at a time is a very mindful and relaxing method to regain my composure. It helps considering I'm looking at the wall where there used to be cabinets and currently are none. It's slow going. Sigh.

LG is, of course, to help honor St. Valentine's Day. (Adele Bruno's story about her pattern is very sweet. When I think LG, I think washer and dryer. Ms. Bruno thinks of her husband). I like hearts and flowers, but right now discussions on flooring and paint samples, floor plans and the like are as romantical as it gets (with a nod to Popeye and Olive Oyl). Oh, baby, baby!
BTW, if you tuned in last time, I was looking for a star pattern and I found "Bales" fits the bill, in an inside-out kind of way.

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