Thursday, March 26, 2015

Playing Catch-up

Thanks for checking in on me occasionally. I like that I'm a part of a world-wide community and that you all reach out from afar with lovely notes and anecdotes.
I found spirals at two of the Zentangle challenges I participate in (not so regularly). The Diva Challenge
posed a spiral and I made Bijou-sized with stripes and sparkle:

I thought it was a pretty bold statement. I'll be adding it to my fridge art!
The IAST started with a spiral string:

The spiral is in there; it was getting a little wonky so I called it good rather than overdo it.
This was last week's response to the IAST:

It has a minimalist attitude about it and that suits me just fine. As you can see, I'm upcycling the corrugated boxes that my new kitchen cabinets came in. Sure, I could use nice paper. But I like the mid-tone of the paper. Besides, corrugated boxing machinery put me through college, so I really like it. 
And finally...a big collection of zinchies I've made in just the last two days! If I'm ever going to get through 3,000 of these things, I better get jumping!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my artwork. I really appreciate that you do and your kind comments. And don't be afraid to tell me like it is; I'll just go happily along as I am without some constructive critiques. 

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