Friday, June 26, 2015

Everything but the Girl

Miss me yet?
Some of you may know that I went out of town; some may have surmised that we disappeared for a few since I haven't posted doodly in over a week.
And what a week it's been! WOW!
The objective was Pinky's wedding in Lake Tahoe (California). That's Sleeping Man's niece, an important person to both of us; we had to go. We could have flown, but that's no fun (just getting to PHX...!) We could have made it up and back by car two days each way. Through Nevada.
Through desolate desert.
Or we could do it our way!
We drove through Sequoia, Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks, around Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, Bodie and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. (we had the convertible and we were going to make it work!) We saw water and green plants and we saw quite the opposite. We outpaced a wildfire, (making it through before the roads were shut down; it's still burning). We dodged a telescope (check out the videos). We were on some of the wildest roads I've ever seen--twisty turny craziness.
It was a low of 44 in Tahoe and a high of 121 in Death Valley. We were at 10,100 feet elevation (in the Bristlecone forest) and minus 195 (that was just in one day, only four hours drive apart).
Still, it's good to be home.
I won't get too political about the drought in California, which is all the news, other than to say: grow your own food, people. Skip the lawn and put water into fruits and vegetables. California grows HALF of all fruit, vegetables and nuts for the other 49 states. And right now California farmers are plowing under acreage and selling it off rather than try to tend to it.
We are blessed with citrus trees on our little farmette; I would not want to be buying orange juice this year, it's sure to be more costly than gold.
But before I go out and tend to my vegetables--zucchini, eggplant, corn--I have this little art challenge I played with. I love the Inchie Challenge, even if I'm finally tackling it on a Friday (it's supposed to be Every Monday, right?). The theme this week is "apple."

I was going to draw an apple, in hand. A favorite saying of mine is, "Have an apple." I use it when there's finger-pointing or blame in my direction, as if ALL the world's troubles are my fault, much like Eve in the Garden of Eden.
I looked for images of apples and started seeing candy apples. YUM! Then I thought of candy apple red paint, such as the Brian Setzer hot rod here, which led me to the LG appliances. I borrowed the image from and I'm sure they won't mind since I own a set, a gift from my ex for my fiftieth birthday. [Note to men everywhere: do NOT buy appliances as gifts. Just don't].
Ah, where were we? Gardening! Ah, yes! Water.
And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain...and I miss you...(EBTG, get it? Too much of a stretch? Too early in them morning? Not enough coffee?)


  1. I know what you mean about candy apple red. Great inchies! Are you sure about all appliances? What about getting Silhouette Cameo as a gift? From a man?

    1. Thank you, Zoe! There's more to the story, but I'm sticking to my guns. Well, I might make exceptions for art stuff--art stuff is always welcome, isn't it? Have a brilliant day! c

  2. You made me smile, Cheryl! I love that you did appliances for the word apple LOL! You have been hanging around my blog for too long, or maybe it's just the Arizona sun has warped our brains just a tad? My hubby loves to drive, so when we go anywhere, we follow the unbeaten path whenever we can. Nice to see things along the way as long as you're going. Glad you had a nice trip and that you had the chance to get out of Dodge for a bit!

    1. Oh, yes, the brain is certainly fried, or is it poached?? I like that you use unexpected turns of the themes, it allows me certain freedoms, too! The trip was a blast, saw some beautiful sights that we want to revisit and cherish at a more leisurely pace next time. Have a brilliant day! c

  3. Terrific ideas for the inchies

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Thank you so much, Chrissie! Just a little bit twisted, but that's half the fun! Have a brilliant day. c

  4. Great idea for your inchie. I have never been to the States, and your journey made me envious, it sounded brilliant.