Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Flower of Life

Over at the TwobyTwo, an upcoming challenge is for the "Flower of Life." It's all circles and geometry and it would not be fair to put it out there without giving it a shot myself. I found it quite devious in the space of two-inches. So, I drew out some steps that I've been using. In this instance, I used a U.S. nickel. It has a smooth edge and measures 7/8 ths of an inch (0.875) or 2.2 centimeters, making it fit nicely into a two-inch/five centimeter square.
I found I had the most success drawing a line across under the first circle to line up the next two. Finding the center is a bit tedious, but essential to making the geometry work out correctly. After the first three circles, line up the stencil where two lines intersect and with center.
The six petals almost magically appear.

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if it did or didn't work for you!

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