Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Un Poco Loco (Just a Little Crazy)

'Tis the season for a lot of craziness, isn't it? And that's what I was channeling when I pondered the EIM this week. The word out on Monday was, "locomotive." My son used to love trains in all sizes. His six birthday was spent on the Verde Valley Railroad. Another, much more recent, on the Durango-Silverton line. My dad had worked for Tyco a long while back and designed rail cars for some of their model trains. My nanna worked for the Pennsy railroad for a long time, affording my mother free travel before she married.
So I figured it'd be a piece of cake to dig up SOMETHING.
Not happening!
Which is why you get this:

I did some research along the way and found out Little Eva was the original singer of "Loco-Motion" and Grand Funk Railroad really got it out there, but I wasn't drawing anything of the sort. So, let's move along, shall we?

It's the TwobyTwobyTuesday day and the word I selected was, "sparkle," thinking I'd find all sorts of glorious options from holiday goings on.

First up is from cookie baking day with my daughter last Saturday, a tradition carried on by the MEN in the family. With the passing of my brother last month, my dad passed it along to me as the cookie press is getting hard for him to manipulate. Thankfully, my daughter did a lot of it as the dough is, well, a tough cookie. Really yummy, though. The recipe is a family secret and the decorating is a day-long project, but quite worthwhile. Now, to ship the results to family far and wide!

Butter Cookies
All those candy sugars really sparkle, as do the real silver star candies at the top of the trees.

I went to Michael's last week for some art goodies and came home with these:

OOOH! Pretty!

But my official response to the twinchie and the Diva Challenge this week is this gift to the world, a sparkly star ZIA.

And one lucky visitor will get the original. So leave a message and I'll pick somebody to send this little two-inch gifty. (Disclaimer: it won't arrive before next Saturday, especially by international post).  Meanwhile, I'm going to try to clean up some of this glitter I have all over!

Thanks for stopping by! I do hope you are enjoying the festivities and all the sparkle of the season!


  1. I love the story behind the train, so nice. I love that you kept up the tradition of the cookies, that is sweet and glitter is always lovely until you need to get it off of EVERYTHING! LOL Great work this week!

  2. Great Twinchie and the cookies look oh so delicious!

  3. I really love your scribbly locomotive. I love art work like that. Wish I could do it myself. Those cookies look yummy. I haven't made spritz cookies in years as my family latched on to a different kind of "favorite" cookie which is required each year! Very festive star tangle too!

  4. I do like your locomotion. Unreal goodies you came back with from Michaels. I hear my US virtual friends mention this shop a lot, sound like such a bargain. Most of all, adore the tile for the Diva challenge! Wish your family well, you sound like a great bunch.

  5. Great post with lots to admire and a terrific loco inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. great train - especially drawn in perspective - I used to love making christmas cookies but don't have anyone to make them with any more and it's kind of sad doing it by myself - and I wouldn't eat them if I did make them - maybe next year. Love you're sparklies.

  7. A great little locomotive and those cookies look lovely. I'll make mine next week, so hubby doesn't attack them too early. Great tangle as well, you'll find glitter for days to come. Have a great Christmas. Wendy xx

  8. I love those cookies! I have a love/hate relationship with glitter;-)

  9. Beautiful! I love your twinkling little star!
    Merry Christmas to you!