Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's Next, Pure and Simple

I hope for all you that stop by that your festive falalala season was everything you needed and nothing you don't.
That may seem slightly cynical, but it's been, well, a little too much of stuff that I could do without. My sister is having a time of it trying to accept our brother's death last month and yesterday she had to put one of her dogs to sleep after a brief but mighty fight with liver cancer. After Craig's funeral, we agreed that we would check in with each other DAILY. This is different for both of us as I used to hear from her every four months or so.
That she's not in a good place emotionally gives me more to worry about and she's 2000 miles away.
Closer to home, I had the kids over for Christmas, an event we have not shared for about five years. It was fun, short and sweet. I decorated a tree for the first time since moving here, which is crazy as I used to decorate one for every room. Gil fixed our pellet stove, for which we are blissful, as it's been freezing here and the warmth is amazing. (In Arizona! For real!).
Gifts all around were plentiful and practical.
I am blessed.
It's time to take stock as this year winds down and we all look toward the newest of years.
I was crazy enough to start a challenge blog this year. The journey that got me to that point is fodder enough for a book. I really enjoy seeing what other artists create and how talented they are and hope more participate in 2016.
I have really liked meeting the ladies across the globe (for whatever reason, it's all women!) and how much they pack into Every Inchie Monday. There are the Zentangle challenges that I attempt not so regularly, and am grateful for their creators (there are many, but try here, and here and here!) and the effect the art form has on my psyche.
Indeed, playing with artist materials has been quite beneficial to me mentally (and covered my refrigerator with magnets to the point that you can't tell the finish is black).
Here are some photos of work that went into this week's TwobyTwo. The word for the day is, "white." I started with a concept that I've seen for learning more about brush strokes and personal style, without color to worry about.

Titanium White on
Hardwood panel
Only thing is that is 4 x 4. An interesting challenge unto itself to just stick to one color.
Then I pulled out some ephemera and odd ball "stuff."
Novels, receipts, barcodes, lace, paint, beads,
Glitter and various papers, foamcore
The center one is 4 x 4 and the others are approximately 2 x 2. The top left is my official response to "white," paper cutouts on a glitter paper. Let's just say they didn't want to stick together. A LOT of glue was involved! The same could be said for the lace one, too. The biggest one has a picture of an old lady flinging a car tire. Hilarious! For that one, I used paint instead of glue to hold everything in place.

A close-up:
Silent Night
Ink jet and Glitter papers
Glue and Sharpie
While I was trying to do the cut-outs, I drew more than a couple houses. And I got to thinking about the EIM for the week, "next," a dangerous thing. Thinking, that is. There's next year, which is about to become THIS year any minute, but I had more in mind "next door." Thus, here'e the houses next door, even if they don't look anything like a house near here:

Maybe I'll attempt another Silent Night. In the meantime, it's time to prepare for festivities to bring in the new year and to find out what's "next."

Additionally, the winner of last post's raffle is Wendy from England! Wendy, please send your address to: and I'll get your prize out to you!

Thank you so much for joining me here, following my mental meanderings and sharing your awesome perspectives. I wish you a happy new year!


  1. Peace to you for 2016, I hope your sister gets through her grief as it's hard when family live so far apart. I find my art helps get me through a lot.


  2. That is one gorgeous white twinchie! Love your idea for the inchie.
    Happy New Year, Cheryl!

  3. Your projects are wonderful and I do hope that 2016 is a better year for you and your sister

    Hugs Chrissie xx

  4. I hope this year will be better for you and your family than last year. Your inchie idea is great. I will eMail you
    Wendy x

  5. I hope this year will be better for you and your family than last year. Your inchie idea is great. I will eMail you
    Wendy x