Monday, August 22, 2016

Swim with the Fishes

It rained last night. This is unusual as this is monsoon season, where the clouds build all day and then dump water all at once in late afternoon. This was a gentle rain for a few hours in the wee hours of today. It's humid, but cooler than it has been all summer. It means summer as we know it here in the desert is drawing to a close and it'll just be hot for the next couple months.
To me, it means get busy!
This is for last week's IAST, an exploration of the new tangle, Drogon by Lily Moon.

In Plain Sight
Don't you just LOVE her work? It's Gorgeous, with a capital "G."

And I went back and did the previous IAST, one big "Abeko," surrounded by Lynn Mead's geometric tangles.

And this week's Diva, a focus on "ING:"

For the EIM, dolphin. This is a swimming bottlenose dolphin. Definitely not a fish.

Did you see the news item last week about the gazillion year-old dolphin that was hiding in a museum? Life is funny that way.

I was going to draw a swimming pig as dolphins have been called, "sea pigs," but that really wasn't working out. At all. And drawing what is called a sea pig was getting harder. And weirder.
Another time, perhaps?

We went out on Bartlett Lake last week, rented a boat for a day to celebrate the kids birthdays--they're only two weeks apart (and three years) and it's getting harder to get them together at the same time or to convince them to hang out with old people, now that they're twenty-somethings.
They're more fun to play with, in my mind. At least, the experiences are more interesting.

We were swimming with a LOT of fish.

The title for this blog entry comes from where I wanted to go with the TwobyTwo. I really wanted to make a "concrete" poem about... concrete! In New Jersey there's a certain saying about swimming with the fishes that involves concrete, (read: "The Godfather") which is why I couldn't make that work. That thought just derailed all creativity.

So my next thought was a poem on water. This is what came about:

It's kind of a political statement on water--a resource that we desperately need and can't keep up with the demand. Here in Arizona, I've seen it not rain for 220 days. I've also been the recipient of 4 inches of rain in an hour. And a flood. So, in the grand scheme of things, everything balances out.

All the same, water is precious. Use it wisely.


  1. Amazing artwork and the cutest dolphin ever

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Al of them are lovely. With the diva you made a beautiful tile with a great combination of tangles.

  3. Just black and white or colored, I like the tree tiles and of course I love this little cute dolphin!!!

  4. Just love your dolphin. Great tangles, especially the top one.

  5. Love how you "hid" butterflies in the drogon (at least that's my interpretation). Your inchie is just excellent.

  6. That dolphin is just so cute! The extra loop in the Abeko really makes it look more like a flower. (Teaching this tangle tomorrow, I may just "borrow" that idea!) Yes, a bit of rain is nice except when it comes with thunder. My dog and cat go crazy with fear. Nice to spend some time with the growing up kids. I don't see mine much and they all live in town. Everyone is just too busy :( Glad you had fun!

  7. I feel like Bijou's butterfly/ING cousins are visiting your first tile. Fun!

  8. love all the artwork. The dolphin is great and the twinchie is really cool, i love the colors

  9. I'm from Australia, definitely agree water is precious. Lovely work, all of this. Ing makes a good border!

  10. You are soooo right about the water! I love your ING tile, great contrast in it.

  11. All tiles are very lovely! And I do love your cute dolphin!

  12. All of your work is really lovely! That dolphin is so cute.

  13. love your smiling dolphin - didn't know about the sea pigs bit - would have been interesting to see your image of that!

  14. Lovely work! Your first tile is my favorite, and I adore that sweet dolphin :-)

  15. Really like the first tangle in particular and I immediately thought Flipper when I saw your dolphin- I used to love watching that program:-)