Thursday, September 29, 2016

You Can't Take it With You

This past weekend was a birthday celebration, even if we started celebrating it as soon as the calendar flipped to September. There may have been some wine involved, as well as pizza and some Chinese take-out and popcorn and....I got a "free" chocolate chip cookie--one of those humongous skillet things with ice cream and fudge sauce--but I didn't have to worry about it going to waste as my kids plowed through it for me (I don't do chocolate, long story...).

I did laundry and yoga in equal measure. Painted my fingernails with a pink sparkle polish that makes me smile. I had to take care of some internet business with Yahoo! having some difficulties.  I didn't have to cook much, but for some reason there were still plenty of dishes to clean. My daughter gave me flowers and a chance to paint some more and my son gave me a chance to buy some new clothes. The love of my life bestowed upon me all of his abilities--and he has many--as we work on the on-going home improvements. The spa doesn't look so hot, but it is fully operational. That's hot!

I slept, I ate, I played. And I am blessed. Truly, what more could I ask for?

 A new mind set.

I am determined not to become one of those hoarder cat ladies and I'm on a tear to get rid of "stuff" I'm just hanging on to. If it doesn't make me happy, out it goes! (Goodwill and others are reaping the benefits. Can't just throw it away, right?)

I had a very nice briefcase. Black alligator. Stylish. And totally useless. I could get a notebook in it, a pencil or two and NOTHING ELSE! Out it went! I have to wonder if anyone can make use of it.

Which brings me to the EIM word for the week: briefcase. Anyone ever make use of the Windows program?

Me, neither.

I think I did better with the Zentangly things.

The Diva, to use only straight lines:

Straighten Up

And the IAST:

Catch a Rising Star

That's what I have to offer this week. Thanks for stopping by.
Have a brilliant day!


  1. I love your tile, love the open space in it. Your post gave me a smile, thanks!

  2. I love the catch a rising star, beautiful!

  3. I like the open space leading to W2, nice choice of tangles.

  4. Lovely work, both of them, beautiful drawn straight tangles and a wonderful raising star!

  5. Beautiful tiles and Color! Love them both!

  6. Everyone deserves a full birthday month! Glad yours has been so much fun. I'm starting to feel the "get rid of it" urge myself. I'm fighting it really hard though. Nice tiles. I like all your straight lines and the rising star one is yummy! Briefcase was a hard one, and next week's doesn't look any easier to be clever :(

  7. Amazing tiles! I'm still reaping the rewards of turning 60... Got treated to an amazing weatherproof poncho in the FjellRaven outlet up at Freeport last week so I'm right with you on the enjoy the occasion to the max:-) and I am also trying very hard not to hoard - use it or lose it has been my motto this year and I'm probably going to have to do it for the next few years too! Still managed to get some stuff in the craft stores though lol.


  8. didn't know there was a windows briefcase program - what does it do? - good find for something different