Monday, October 3, 2016

On the Edge

Dedicated to Suzanne.

Suzanne asked the blogosphere if we'd ever stood "on the edge," no matter how literal we took that to mean. What a great jumping off point, isn't it?

What first came to my mind is "The Abyss." No, not the movie, but that's a good point. There's an overlook by the name that affords a look deep into a portion of the Grand Canyon. Supposedly, you can see rocks 200 million years old or more. If what "they" say about the Canyon that the average person stays a whopping 20 minutes, we're throwing the curve.

Most people must miss the Abyss since you have to either hike or take the bus to get there. Pity.

Even better is the view from Toroweap, mostly because of the effort required to get there. It's 60 miles off-road, about three hours from the last bit of pavement; high-clearance vehicle required. The Park Service suggests that you pack an extra spare tire as most drivers pop at least one and to get a tow truck is $2000, if you have cell service at all.

Badge of Courage
My Lexus (2001 RX300 with over 225,000 miles) performed superbly (no flat tires!) thanks to one very able driver (thank you, Gil!). I wish I had a video to send to the company so they can see what that car can really do, but I wish I had better photographs from the viewpoint. Seems as "the" shot is at sunrise and because of the cliff height 3,000 feet above the Colorado, sunrise in summer is around 3 AM.

Eight PM
Missed that by a MILE!

Erica on the Edge
Can you find her?

TJ on the Edge
Our first glimpse of the Canyon was 20 years ago. I don't know how we did it, but we found a spot where we walked right up to the edge. No sidewalk, no plaques, no guardrails. Just that giant hole in the ground. Took my breath away. That and trying to catch my fearless three year-old daughter from being, well, fearless.

Everywhere we went in Arizona, she would pick up pebbles and drop them into my camera bag. She was particularly fond of Sedona red sandstone. (Shh! Don't tell anyone). I still fish one out every once in a while.

That trip put into action wheels that turned in such a manner that here I am, in the Grand Canyon state. If I wanted to, I could be staring into the Abyss by lunch.

I've been on the edge of my seat.
I've been on the "Edge of Seventeen" (and recently celebrated my fortieth anniversary of same).
I've been hanging on the edge of numerous cliffs in search of Indian artifacts.
I've been on the edge of each side of this continent, staring out onto the horizon in all directions.
I've been on the edge of four states all at once.

I'm on the edge of a new beginning, each and every day.

So, yes, where have YOU stood, "on the edge?" Be sure to let Suzanne know!

On your way to Toroweap (or the North Rim or Lake Powell or Monument Valley...), you can take a quick detour to see Dinosaur Tracks on the Navajo Reservation. Which is a great segue to the EIM, "dinosaur," this week:

Which is also a great segue to the Diva this week. While you are at Dinosaur Tracks, you can visit the little booths set up and purchase a "Dreamcatcher" from the Dine people. Mine is frayed and frazzled. Must've been doing a swell job catching those pesky spirits.

And "Dreamcatcher" by Daniel Lamothe is the tangle focus of the week!

The pattern snuck its way into my twinchie this week, too. This wasn't anything like what I wanted to do! Somewhere I have a sheet of copper I was going to emboss, but where, oh where could it be?

So I went with a collage of Tim Holtz stickers, copper gimp, gold nail polish pen, copper beads on a light turquoise envelope and paint chips. I think I have to revisit this idea. There's still time to make something else. Indeed, if you're interested, submissions to the TwobyTwo are always welcome!

Meanwhile, I'm going to see about finding the copper that I must've put in a great place that I'd remember where. Thank you for stopping by. Have a brilliant day!


  1. Your dreamcatcher tile is beautiful. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photo's.

    1. Much appreciated, Annemarie. Glad I could FIND the photos so I could share them! c

  2. interesting post this week - never seen the canyon but the pics are fab Nice tie into your inchie dino tracks - well done

    1. Glad you enjoyed your visit, Kia, and what I have to offer. c

  3. The Grand Canyon is on my places-to-visit-if-I-ever-go-to-the-States list. Nice Dreamcatcher.

    1. Miss L, there is so much to see, it would be hard to narrow the choices. There are definitely some MUST-SEE places here in Arizona! c

  4. Love the pics of the grand canyon, how cool! I do like that we both thought the same for the inchie and twinchie! love all the works this week, have a great one

  5. Nice interpretation of the challenge and thank you for these wonderful. I have never been there but it looks marvellous.

  6. What a wonderful adventure and lovely shots of the Canyon too. Your Diva tile looks good, in an entirely new way. Brilliant imagination.

  7. Before we moved to AZ, a friend shared AZ Highways magazine with us. We laughed that they could get away with amping up those pictures....NOT. Arizona is truly that beautiful with rich colors everywhere. Not the desert that I had imagined. Thanks for sharing the stories and photos. Nice pieces you squeezed in, and if you find the copper, look and see if my earrings (that I hid so they wouldn't get stolen) are there as well.

  8. Such a wonderful post full of fabulous things to read and to see as well.

    Great idea for your inches

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Love your dream catcher tile!

  10. Love your dinosaur tracks inchie and your tangles of course. The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list, I would just love to see it.

  11. I hope everyone that has the Grand on their life-list gets the opportunity to check it off. International travelers go farther afield than Americans, and get to truly see the Canyon. I still have to see it from the river, my own bucket list item. c

  12. Beautiful dreamcatcher!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful photos!

  13. What a great post ... from the inspiration to visit the Grand Canyon to the Inchie of dinosaur tracks. Loved your Dreamcatcher too.

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos of being on the edge. Impressive. I was in my 40s before I visited the Grand Canyon. I remember my first glimpse after getting out of the car and walking up to the edge. I couldn't stop saying "Wow" until I saw our sons "edging" away from the lady who couldn't stop saying "wow". "Mother? We don't have a mother. We're orphans." Nice Dreamcatcher Infused Art---maybe that could become an official thing. ZIAs that are also DIAs.