Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Proof Positive

I just finished reading a book by Dana White titled, "How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind." It's a hilarious take on real-world cleaning strategies. (Spoiler alert: Do the dishes).
I'm sure you're thinking why would anyone as organized as I need to read about home management?
In reality I'm just a crazy old cat lady hoarder-in-training. I mean, I don't even have one cat yet! I'm not so old! But if there were need of any proof that I have the hoarder thing going on, here is my entry to the Every Inchie Monday this week:

This is a clipping of a child's sweater from the Fall 1999 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine. I'm not sure why I still have the periodical, my knitting skills are not very, well, skillful. One of these days I'll actually knit a sweater. Maybe. It won't be that one.

For the Diva challenge this week:

The objective, to use Hamadox in a sentence (Ah ha!). Here, I put a few tried and true tangles to work. I'm really enjoying drawing with Prismacolor colored pencils and I'm trying to keep notes of which colors I'm using for future reference. (Yeah, like keeping a knitting magazine that is soooo last century. But, you have to admit, it came in handy this week!).

My last entry is for the TwobyTwo, where the word is "news." I like reading and am grateful that I can access whatever it is I need to know on the Internet. Otherwise, the papers might pile up ad infinitum. It could get out of hand.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a brilliant day.
I have to go do the dishes now.


  1. I like the delicate colours you have used on the Challenge tile and I'm resolutely avoiding comment on the magazine hoarding, it could so easily be me. (But I AM old enough for a cat. Don't have one but I'm definitely old enough.

  2. Your DIva tile is a nice coloured composition.

  3. Love the story leading to your inchie, great tangle too.

  4. I'm impressed that you could cut into your old knitting magazine. Don't start throwing things out. People do that when they get old and worry about what their children will think when they find all that "junk"! Serves them right, I say, after all those unheard "clean your room" shouts. I do like your Hamadox, particularly where the pink and yellow blend. I love colored pencils too.

  5. love your little piggie! and your take on News is great!

  6. Great post with lots to look at. Love your piggy inchie with the sweater design

    Chrissie xx

  7. Now there's an idea to knit a pig but I love the pattern of your Inchie - I'm the same and keep countless magazines - for some day!!!

  8. I'm so glad to be in good company. I may be going crazy, but I have friends where I'm headed. Thank you so much for all your encouraging words. c

  9. I love your retro pig jumper and your news image is great...I am so old even my last cat has just died and I am too old to think about another as I can't bear the thought of what happens to them when you die before them...but I am no longer a hoarder, I am now a proud shedder ;) Dixx

  10. Love your take on Hamadox and the soft colours you used!

  11. Fun post & great shares!