Thursday, February 2, 2017

Grand State of Mind

Everyday brings news. Some of it good, some of it not so much and a lot of it just needs ignored. The last several holiday seasons has brought big, massive and decidedly in the not-so-much category sort of news.
Still, we carry on, don't we?
I, of the optimistic, glass half-full mentality, persevere.
When life hands you a bar coaster, you know just what you're going to do with it. First, you're going to squeeze fresh citrus and blenderize a margarita. Then, you're going to draw. This is what happened when I tackled the Diva's weekly challenge, number 301, a Diva Dance/Paradox duotangle:

This is an improved version, a tackle-it-after-coffee-infusion. An I'm not too worried about what I accomplish today version. It wanted to be a butterfly and butterflies are free.

At the EIM, the word is donkey. Doing some research on donkey made my head hurt and I'm not quite sure why I got too carried away with that as I knew right off what I was going to do. South of here, surrounding Lake Pleasant is a very strong population of wild burros (small grey Mexican donkeys). They are cute, but they are a hearty bunch that is overwhelming the environment and native species. You can adopt one through the BLM.
And hopefully NOT meet one by accident on the freeway. These signs were installed last year to try to prevent such incidents. (I tilted the sign 45 degrees to make it square instead of diamond-shaped).

Other than that, there's the TwobyTwo for next week. The word is "news." Hopefully, it's of the good news variety. I'm working on that, won't you join the fun? Anything can happen there, as long as it fits into a two-inch square.

Thank you all for visiting and your words of kindness and encouragement. It all makes my heart sing. I can't carry a tune, but my heart seems to know the words.
Have a brilliant day!


  1. My favorite quote in regard to the glass came from George Carlin who said, "the glass is just too big"! I adore your butterfly, and I just saw that donkey sign for the very first time last week myself!

  2. I love your Butterfly! Great post!

  3. A great post as always with the beautiful butterfly and the story of your donkey Inchie-fantastic

    Take care

    Love Chrissie x

  4. Love both of your duotangle pieces and agree with your sentiment that much of the news needs to be ignored. Your inchie and the story behind it is fantastic too. Thanks for posting and sharing!

  5. When my husband watches news programs I put on my headphone and tangle; my way of ignoring nowadays news :-)
    I like your tiles by the way.