Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stripes, this time with Sparkle!

I see a pattern here! Over at "It's a String Thing," the call is for more stripes. This time we have a swirly string from Sue Agnew, 055 for week 55 and a monotangle (use just the one pattern) of stripes and apply sparkle liberally. I have been playing with stripes as that was a recent lesson in "One Zentangle a Day," so I have SOME experience under my belt. However, my experience with sparkle...well, suffice to say I shy away from it as it kind of needs some serious planning. Especially in this case, with only the one pattern.

I explored various line widths (which is unusual for me) and assorted stripe patterns.The sparkle was preplanned and set in universal light (all coming from the same direction). I liked being able to focus on one tangle and going for a bold lighting effect. I think the stripes could have used more curves to establish form, but for such a teenie canvas, this is all right. To compensate, I did more shading than my usual work to build depth.


  1. Nice variations on Striping. We had the same idea that it doesn't have to be the string that is the stripes ( :-)must be an Arizona thing). I agree the sparkle needs planning, which almost seems like cheating. I'm always in awe of some of the experts (uh, like MARIA!!) who do it so effortlessly.

    1. Must be an Arizona thing, the only practical rationale! And yeah, the sparkle thing just doens't come naturally so this one required a lot of cheating, er, ah, sketching. yeah, that's it: sketching! No right or wrong, right? Thanks so much for checking out my work, Antonine! Have a brilliant day! c