Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Challenges

It appears that everyone on the planet has autumn on the calendar, and yes, elsewhere this time of year means "fall" (in the Northern latitudes). Here in the desert Southwest we're just getting out of "Inferno" and heading into just "Hot." Autumn is yet a couple months away.
Some recent travels to Northern AZ and Southern Utah reminded me, that yes, it is September and leaves turn pretty colors, while we're still almost entirely green (which is in itself an anomoly as the monsoon season has been, ahem, generous in its offerings this summer) in the heart of Arizona.
Thus far, I've only really completed one of those challenges, the It's a String Thing 59:

The patterns are Oke by Michele Beauch and Meringue by Kelley Kelly on a string by Adele Bruno, the mastermind behind the String Thing. Clever. I added some acorns (and the ubiquitous Tipple) on the bar coaster. The pencil shading has already rubbed off, but I like the medium, working in the round.
Thanks for taking a look see; hopefully I'll finish up those other autumny ideas before autumn actually arrives here! 


  1. Ha! You must live near me (I'm in the Phoenix area). I do miss changing leaves and crispy cool days, but I guess we have to wait for December for the crispy part) Nice tile - I like how it looks on the round Zendala tile.

  2. AH, yes, Antonine! I'm in "The Big City," aka Black Canyon City. And, I don't know about you, but I've been feeling very cooked to a CRISPY crunch! I'm glad you like the way it looks; I've been enjoying drawing on bar coasters--no edges! And when I'm done, I can park a refreshing beverage on them. Sometimes even frosty adult beverages!
    Have a brilliant, sunny Arizona day! c