Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Awaiting the Storm

Hurricane Odile is due ANY MINUTE and I'm busy...solving puzzles. I should be gathering supplies and making sure we survive another flooding, but I'd rather be playing with a growing collection of art supplies and just generally exercising some grey matter.
For your viewing pleasure I have selected some of this weeks' art blog challenges. First up is the Every Inchie Monday word of the week is: Schedule. My first thought was, "Who has time for that?" Then I had to rethink the concept as I always have to squeeze in time for making art. It always seems to be the LAST thing I do each day, and that's not necessarily a good thing for a self-employed artist. HA!
Then, the Twinchie thing this week is "Teddy." I love my teddies, yes, all of them. But I digress. I've even made a few teddy bears and don't really want to do that again anytime soon. My son has one that I made many moons ago, packed away. At 24, he's not really into that kind of thing, but I'll save him for his son (His name is Carlton Ritz, as he used to be dressed up in a bowtie, very formal, but I'm not sure which box he's stuffed into or I'd take his picture for this exercise). So, I went with Teddy Roosevelt and one of his famous sayings. And a teddy bear.
Lastly, my boyfriend is a big fan of Neil Young. He understands Neil's language and speaks Canadian quite well, right, eh?! Neil's not a great singer, but his lyrics are profound and moving. Listening to "Helpless" the other night I challenged myself to create an image that illustrates the line about the timeless, "Blue, blue window behind the stars..." and the yellow moon rising. The moon and the window images are from my new friends at the Morgue Files, a collection of FREE photographic images; the stars are from NASA. If you haven't been to those sites, what are you waiting for?
As always, have a brilliant day and thank you for your kindnesses, wonderful comments and just generally being in my corner as cheerleaders!

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