Sunday, October 26, 2014

Now, Run!

This week at Tickled to Tangle, Adele is up to IAST 63. The objective this week was to play with a group of "Q" patterns and string 066. Until now, I've not touched a pattern that starts with the letter 'q,' so this was all new to me, although the one which looks like ribbons could have been taken right out of my science notebooks in high school. (Doodles, anyone? It's supposed to help with concentration and I'm sure that's what I was doing!) This combination quickly filled up 8 pages, and not all are fit for human consumption. Here are the ones I deem worthy of publishing:

I bought these really loud running shoes the other day and I was going to fill in the rest--besides fuchsia laces, the shoes themselves are neon yellow with an N'zeppel pattern, but I didn't want to disturb Sleeping Man to get them when I was drawing this, so it's just the ties. 

And while it's still October and pink ribbons everywhere, I doodled more ribbons. Then I looked at the string differently and saw some really big buttons!

This last one has nothing to do with the other three, but while I was learning some new patterns and searching, I just arbitrarily selected a string, 128 by Margaret Bremner and found a fun pattern called Bridgen by Daved Levitan to work with. Add some Hypnotiq style auras and Black Perlz... Until the challlenges for this week start up again tomorrow! 

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