Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creepy Crawlie

This week's It's a String Thing was to use a string that looks like candy corn and a particular set of patterns that spell out C-O-R-N. Well, I got right to it! I mean, who doesn't like candy corn? As I was drawing, it got a creepy look to it and when the 'NZeppel went in (WHAT in the WORLD is an 'NZeppel anyway?!), I knew I wasn't going to be done without a spider. Over to the free stuff at morguefile.com and lo! and behold!
Creepy crawliness like this:
I'll have to revisit the pattern selection another time, when it's not Spooktember, and try some of the other tangles that are on the list but I pass by. Until then: BOO!
Try your own hand at the String Thing and be sure to check all the fun choices next week after Adele collects the responses. It's amazing what all those tangly people do!


  1. Hello :-) I found your blog on the String-Thing-Page and really laughed when I saw your tangle - what a funny idea with the spider on the tile ;-))
    Many greetings from germany to you!

    1. Sandra, Ich schätze , dass Sie genoss meine Arbeit genug , um die Zeit zur Stellungnahme zu nehmen und dass ich dich zum Lachen . Ich hoffe, das sind glückliche Gedanken ins Deutsche übersetzt. Haben Sie ein genialer Tag ! c

  2. Fantastic! I did a spider for one of the Diva challenges a year ago:

  3. Thanks, Zoe! I'll have to check your spider out! Have a brilliant day! c