Thursday, October 2, 2014

String Thing 58

While I'm working on this weeks "It's a String Thing" challenge, I'm still gathering all the responses to the week before last. I never did get to post any of them on time, but it was, all the same, an interesting experience.
The first one was just a little too fussy, but I liked the gingham part (even if it's not quite right). The second one is what I really had in mind, to go "macro" on the patterns, but I caught a peek at Lori Byerly's response on her blog "All Things Tangled"--I love her elegant style--and felt I couldn't own it as far as originality is concerned. The third looks like a strip tease to me, complete with stripper poles! The last one is my favorite, even if I had to sneak the pattern "Girdy" in with pencil.  They're all pretty similar--"Gerlande" follows the string while the fabric patterns create the background, but they're all unique.

I can't quite figure out why I can only post one image at a time and I'm sure it has to do with my "ancient" operating system, so these are all batched together. They are on separate pages on my Flickr feed, along with most every Zentangly-related drawing and some of my other creative meanderings. (Warning: Unabashed self-promotion!) Thanks for looking!

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