Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting Squirrely

Another day, another challenge. Every time I look around, another one pops up that my teenie brain thinks it needs to do. And perhaps, I just might! Suzy Mosh's Tangle Me 3 is of which I speak and I've been doing the exercises, but I'll have to get around to posting them another time.
Because we're starting yet another home improvement project--without actually finishing any of the others! This one has come to the forefront--rebuilding the spa and the room it resides in. We want to use the spa when the weather starts to cool, so we have two, three months tops to do this. What a project!
So, today will be limited to posting that which is most timely and getting back to the other stuff...
One of the challenges that I work on occasionally is Adele Bruno's It's a String Thing. This week is her 100th, so it's big doings in Florida. That teenie brain of mine wasn't quite working out the particular challenge in a pleasing way, so my official response is a floral bouquet for Adele:

Happy 100!
A Tripoli Bouquet for Adele
If you've ever been here before, you KNOW I'm not a big fan of Tripoli, or any tangle based on triangles. Adele included this pattern for the 99th challenge and these are flowers based on all the variations sent to her in response. (I think I'm getting better with Tripoli, or at least improving my attitude immensely!)

I researched the proper gift for a 100th anniversary and found it to be a ten-carat diamond. I'm a little light on being able to do that, so I sent flowers instead. Flowers are always appropriate, right?

The other thing I've done is my official response to the TwobyTwo challenge. I have no business manning an art blog challenge if I don't do it myself, right?

To explain, ever so slightly, when we lived in Massachusetts we had these very mean squirrels with bad attitudes. I was told they were transplants from New York City (100 miles away) and had been dubbed Rabid Biker squirrels for their aggressive behavior. That always stuck with me. I want to revisit this and make a squirrel with a fabric bandana and some studs or something. Another day, perhaps! For now:

Rabid Biker Squirrel from
New York
I'll let you know if I get back to that.
For now, I'm pulling up these horrid burgundy and aqua tiles...and grey and white and rust and blue....

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  1. Sorry about the home improvements that are going on, I so understand, I am on the 18 month mark since the addition to the house was started and 12 months since the first contractor screwed me over and took a chunk of my money so I get it completely. I just wish I was handy enough to do all that needs to be done. I think the flowers are great and I adore the biker squirrel, so absolutely adorable.