Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Secretly Praying for Rain

I haven't been sitting still much this past week. My son has his one-week vacation and wants to do "stuff." The beauty of self-employment is that I can make time for "stuff." Our original plan kind of got way-layed, so we slipped into Plan "B."
I won't do that again!
When he was learning to drive, I had sonny boy drive up Schnebly Hill, a nice off-road experience, with some pretty views of Sedona as a reward. It was a lesson in caution, patience and attention for a brand new driver.
This time it was a lesson for this driver. That road is mess, the worst I've ever driven. My car performed admirably, but I won't punish it again.

The Red Badge of Courage

The Reward
Affectionately known as
The Cowpies

I'm not done with that story, but I need to move along. Sonny boy is hungry, wants to "do" lunch and that requires thought, perseverance and a big wallet. There's a lot of him to fill.

But before I go, I'm posting my responses that fit the TwobyTwo and the Diva Challenges. The first is "Rain," and the second is to "go Organic." Here's what I came up with:

The top two are just doodling. I was working on this umbrella idea for "Rain," which I was kind of successful with. The bottom left represents umbrellas, looking at them from above. I used Spectrum Noir markers, but could not find a nice yellow to finish the third one. Hmm. The bottom right represents my Diva response, gel pen over watercolor. I was thinking about how raindrops ripple on the water surface in our pool. I guess it worked out okay. 
I need to loosen up and experiment more, but I have to allow my adult self a chance to play more with my toys. It's a slow process, but I'm gaining on it.
For now, it's lunch time!


  1. Interesting approach to the Diva Challenge to go organic this week. Most of the responses to that challenge that I've seen so far channel flowers and summer sunshine. You go driving with your son in a desert and end up with a challenge response of umbrellas, but if you think about it (which I am doing as we speak), umbrellas have organic shapes and rain is essential to life, so I think I see the connection. I haven't had good luck with any kind of pens on top of water colors, so I'm interested to see that yours apparently worked well. Nice.

    1. It's a stream of consciousness thing with the art sometimes, yes? One idea breathes life into another...and so on down the line. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited about the watercolors--inexpensive craft quality that turned to dust under the wax pencils I used, but it worked okay with the gel pen. So I don't smear, I hold those up high, which kind of floated over the paper and worked better. As I said, it's worthy of more experimentation.

  2. love all the rain designs and the pic of the cow pies is beautiful (never thought I would ever say that LOL)

    1. Thank you, Freebird. That IS funny! Have a brilliant day! c

  3. Thanks for sharing that beautiful photo (i mean the 2nd one :-)
    I like your tiles, different and well drawn.

  4. Such a fun way to look at umbrellas, from the top. I like that twist. I also think your Diva challenge is so different and I like that you just went with your own flow.