Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life is a Circus

This is monsoon season. It's hot and steamy and I'm not used to it. Lived plenty of years near the shore with plenty of humidity, but it's not what the desert is usually like. Except for this time of year. This is what "siestas" are for--work early in the day or late at night and rest in the middle.
Otherwise, you have no energy.
Funny that the word of the week for  EIM is "energy."
The first thing that I thought of was the notation, "NRG." It litters my science notebooks from school, a shorthand of sorts from the seventies. From there my brain went to the Kreb's cycle, or how we generate energy on a sub-cellular level. I wasn't going to try to cram that diagram into a square-inch or even try to wrap my way-past-academia brain around it. (I'll leave that to my sister, the Professor--she gets paid to do that).
I have a bunch of other ideas, instead:

Solar Flare from, Turning water and sunlight into food and oxygen from and
"IVY MIKE," the first successful hydrogen bomb, 1952 from CTBTO

No original work amongst the choices thus far, so I reached little further...

I've been reading about solar power. In Arizona we have a wealth of it (330 sunny days per year!); it's just a matter of turning it into usable power. It would be fabulous to live off-grid! However, the electric company has instituted a nasty surcharge on homes with solar panels and solar companies are not keen on mobile-home installations. Federal tax incentives have expired and the value of solar homes is less than comparable homes without it. I found this in the venerable Arizona Republic Saturday (Valley and State, p. 1F, "Rooftop Solar: Does it add Value to your Home?" by Ryan Randazzo and Catherine Reagor).
The accompanying photograph was a riot of patterns just waiting for me! (You just never know from whence inspiration may come!) Now we're getting somewhere!

Solar Roof Installation
Rachael Le Goubin/The Arizona Republic
Let's start with some zinchies!

Then move along to a bunch of twinchies!

Still have that SOLAR theme going on!
Then on to other ideas....

Lavender Fields
My first set of four Somethings
Found papers, 
Acrylic paint and beads

Based on an idea from
And onto all the Zentangly choices I can muster:

TM3 No. 005

Singing in the Rain
DIVA 226

Fried Eggs
IAST 102
I was still trying to muster that "enoughness" idea from last week. It took everything I had to NOT fill in that white space for the "String Thing." In fact, in disclosure the Diva art is my second attempt. The first one was so absolutely crazy it was a real circus. I may post that over on Flickr, but this has been a week and I'm done for now!
Thanks so much for dropping by! I appreciate the company as much as I appreciate the individuals that put the effort into creating the various challenges and prompts to get the creative juices flowing.
Have a brilliant day!


  1. Thank you for taking me through your process. I enjoy your work. I hope there is a break in the weather there.

  2. Lovely work, well done. Thanks for showing.

  3. From an unpredictable English summer to your steaming heat, it seems like a different world. We have humid too, not to say, wet! However, your inspiration and ways of thinking are a joy to experience and I really admire what you have made of the various ideas. The circus tile works well but think I'm drawn especially to the Lavender Fields, lovely work.

  4. Nice tiles..especially the TM3 tile! Thanks for being part of the TM3 challenge this week!

  5. Loved reading about solar energy. Hubby once suggested we get solar panels. Well, we do live in the sunniest place around. I had researched it and found, the same as you, that we would actually be punished for doing the right thing. Wow, we have to pay for free sun power. Anyway, I loved all the beautiful work that came out of your ponderings!

  6. great artwork - I'm saddened to read what you say about solar energy - seems the powers that be can even ruin such a good idea.

  7. I love all your ideas this week. So much to feast the eyes on. I'm with Kia on the idea of the solar panels. That sucks.

  8. It is such a pleasure to see my pattern used. Thank you for this gift at this time in my life. You are a Rock Star!