Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm ALL Ears!

This week's EIM is "ear." I immediately thought of Van Gogh's ear, which is an intriguing, if not really creepy story; the epitome of the deranged artist.

NO! The OTHER ear!
Portrait de l'artiste
The intense colors, the thick impasto and the rich imagery! I was going to dig out my paints and try something like that, but the to-do list is ridiculous today. (Do NOT mention the word, "pool" to me. Just don't!)
Thus, I went looking for other famous "ears."

"You meet the most eeeeenteresting people..."
I was having a good time, laughing about Gossamer, the monster, but I was getting farther afield and no closer to my goal, when I found:

The Internet is all a twitter over the upcoming Star Wars installment, so it's timely. I haven't seen the "first" three, so I don't know about "VII." (Nothing quite compares with the very first one, in my mind).
I had to create a little more something, so here goes:

A Yoda Meme
There are plenty of Yoda-isms out there, but the Force is strong in this one. Indeed, thus speaks the Lord of the Nerds:

This is the most important lesson I have learned from Master Yoda. Anything that starts out negative will only yield negative results. Do not fight fire with fire. All humans feel fear but we shouldn’t let it control us. We all feel anger towards other people but we must let it pass and never let it turn into hatred because hatred is like drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to die from it.

A decent life lesson.


  1. like all of your ears - very insightful comments

  2. -ps - I agree nothing compares to the first star wars

  3. OK, first of all, brilliant 'ear' inchie! I only say this because I recognise brilliance. My husband would say this because he a Star Wars freak. We are divided into 2 camps - he is SW, I am ST (Star Trek). And while he recognises the beauty of ST, I can't stand SW :D LOL I love all your 'ears'.

  4. I love all you ears, so great! I really love Yoda! Smart he is!

  5. Very interesting post about ears ;-) I don't really like Star Wars, but I think Yoda is cool ;-)