Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Jewelry

In some ways I'm still working through last weeks EIM...you know how these things just carry over and spill into "normal" life? Last week it was necklace and I chose my favorite, then I started looking for more of my baubles for the TwobyTwos "Treasure." I have this treasure chest on a strand--there's a little bit of everything here:

Just missing some Diamonds!
But I wanted to have something a bit more philosophical and I chose to interpret Proverbs 3:15. I'm always playing with typefaces and I need to dig up my collection as the current offerings in Photoshop are pretty lame--they all look the same! But, for now:

She is Wisdom
It needs a little work, yet, but you get the idea? I like the rusty, crusty background, don't you?
I'll get back to the EIM and all the other things; just not today. Thanks for checking in!

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