Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Let Them eat Cake!

It's birthday week! Or, it's an excuse to do a lot of fun stuff. Either way, we both win! Last night I was treated to a trip to the gun range to improve my rusty skills and then dinner at our favorite Italian place. What fun!
I don't know what the rest of the week may bring, but I'm working  on my take on "CAKE!"
I've never shied away from having just cake for dinner, or breakfast, for that matter. Is anyone else amused by the women's magazines that advertise how to lose five-ten-fifteen pounds THIS WEEK plus a recipe for an awesome chocolate cake that weighs in at over 600 calories per slice? That's more than I normally consume for dinner, so why not skip the meat and potatoes and go straight to dessert?
We can always be good tomorrow. Or, the next day!

I've visited this concept before now:

But I wanted to do a glue and paste collage--this is more correctly termed an assemblage--to add to my collection of fridge magnets:

My Favorite Chinese Fortune
What's your favorite cake? (Mine has to be any that I don't make myself--which is ALL of them as I'm not the baker in the household!)
Check out what the other artists have whipped up for their response to cake, and perhaps join the fun!
I also tackled the EIM for the week, "Myth."
There are endless possibilities there--perhaps the Kokopelli of the ancient Arizona ancestors? You know what I mean--the ubiquitous flute players, the gods of fun and fertility. But to do that properly deserves some photographs. I'll have to revisit that concept another time.
Instead, I chose the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. I saw a couple memes that suggest that the bird is more beautiful after the fire than before, and a relationship to the Irish adage, "That which does not kill you makes you stronger."

Color pencil and marker
No surprise, the symbol appears on the flag of the city. It's a very interesting emblem that deserves reprise. And all the crayons in the box. Have a brilliant day!


  1. We really are here for the cupcakes :D Love the phoenix.

  2. Hahaha, I had cake for breakfast today :-) The Phoenix is wonderful.


  3. I also came for cupcakes but stayed for the myth! Love both

  4. Beautiful phoenix! And now I want cake for breakfast :-)

  5. love your phoenix inchie - I;m looking forward to having cake at a wedding shower this weekend, but I think cupcakes are even better than sliced cake - so pretty.

  6. Great inchie, very brave to attempt that drawing.

  7. Oh, how your post made me want a huge chunk of cake (any kind) right NOW! Love your Phoenix too. My favorite Phoenix was Falks in the Harry Potter stories. I love all the colors you used to make yours stunning!