Friday, February 26, 2016

Leaves of Greens

Yesterday I was driving with my son as passenger. He is always asking questions, always interested in how the world works. He carries with him that sense of wonder like toddlers do with their pleas of "Why?"
He's 25 now and the questions get more difficult than, "why is the sky blue?"
Yesterday he pondered why our Park Service vehicles are all a color green.  A hideous aqua color, especially for a car or truck.
I'm usually pretty good at research, but I came up with nada on that one. We talked about it and concluded that it must be a color that kind of blends into forests but still stands out. Then we discussed how leaves appear green, but when you break that green down as, say, in a painting, it's many shades varying from white to greys, and colors from bright yellows to deep teals and everything in between.
Which served me well working on this week's Diva challenge.
I tried a couple in plain black on white and it wasn't flowing (and you're not seeing!). But then I thought of those leaves and this is where it took me:

Leaves of Greens
This is a duo-tangle of her tangles named after her two sons. (I don't have the patterns down quite right, but this just FELT right. I hope Laura doesn't mind too much). The boys are in sick-bay and I hope I'm channeling some love and healthfulness for their recovery, sending some Zen-fulness their way. I photographed it under the shade of the olive trees, which explains the mottled shade.
I'm grateful for the Diva and her efforts to inspire a bunch of tangly people; be sure to check out what she has going on and see what others have done with this challenge (including the correct patterns!).


  1. Wonderful tile, especially the story to that outcome which I enjoyed reading. And a good decision to do what feels good - I thing what feels good must be right - and that makes things so beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Simone! I was hoping that since it just seemed right, I went with that instead of over-analyzing it too much. c