Thursday, February 4, 2016

So Where DID Molly Go?

Over at La Casa Diva, the challenge for the week is to get to know Molygon, a brand new official Zentangle tangle. My attempt could have been straight out of my high school notebooks which were littered with eyeballs, a doodle I drew all the time. Fast-forward 40 years and I haven't progressed??
Where is Molly Going?
Diva Challenge 253
I think it's surprisingly free-floating considering my teeth were chattering while I drew it (and the underlying string almost entirely ignored!). The art tent I've been working was a balmy 46 degrees INSIDE yesterday. I was threatening to write a blog post entitled, "Fifty Ways to Rock Thermal Underwear."
Mind you, that threat is not quite over.
Has it snowed where you are? We got a smattering earlier in the week. Ah, life in sunny Arizona! I am freezing!

The theme at EIM this week is bulldozer, which unleashed a bunch of ideas, not the least of which was a drawing of wait! get this! a bulldozer!
From top left: Bulldozer, Bobcat, Feather Headdress
and a Triangle
A bulldozer, got that, right?! Next, we have a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment: Bobcat. Bobcats, the animal, are much cuter, especially with those tufted ears. The bright yellow triangle is from the corporate logo for Caterpillar. And the Indian feathers? Well, they have nothing to do with this; I drew it for last week's theme of village. I didn't want you to think I totally cheesed out on that and just borrowed a photograph! And I didn't want to try to draw a caterpillar, the insect. Another day, perhaps?

Thanks for stopping by. I wish to extend a big thanks to the individuals who post these challenges and make them work. Check out what's happening at EIM and the Diva and perhaps take a moment to visit the TwobytwobyTuesday challenge. This week it's "sweater."
Ah, maybe THAT will warm me up!


  1. I used to draw eyes in the margins when I was at school too. Usually heavily made up with false eyelashes and the like. i like your Challenge tile very much, whether they are eyes or not.

  2. Terrific post it made me smile. Love a the inchie ideas and your artwork

    Chrissie xx

  3. I love the new zentangle, in High school I for some reason I started drawing swords, but since I couldnt draw both sides I only drew one half of them and then folded the paper in half and drew on the back so that I could draw the lines evenly. I adore your inchies and that head dress is awesome!

  4. Another great post. I love your Molygon, zinger goes very well with it, I must try that. Very clever thoughts on Bulldozer, at first I thought what are the others for but thankfully you had explained it all below. Great work

  5. Your inchies are brilliant and made me smile. I love the tangle, very inspiring.

  6. You certainly had plenty of ideas this week! Great work!

  7. great ideas - especially like the triangle!

  8. Such a lovely tile; the composition is great!