Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Out of Practice

It's not really that I haven't been creating, just not as actively as I'd like. Feeling guilty about that isn't going to help or change the world, but it did lead to not chatting about it. I have a stack of little artworks laying around, mostly tossed into a corner or three when guests came to visit through the holidays.
Then the calendar flipped and things really got out of hand. Let's just say that there is a little order that has come of the chaos. Life can be....interesting, and it helps to embrace that instead of trying to fight it, right?
I was going to start a botanical drawing class, but the instructor wanted a list of art supplies of which I have NONE. Hard to believe that's even possible! But I have the book and am digesting the ideas before I commit to a totally new set of (Faber-Castell) colored pencils. I'm already invested in Prismacolor and Spectrum Noir, isn't that good enough??
I say all that as an introduction to Diva 299 with the latest official Zentangle tangle, Drawings (think: draw wings). Working on light direction, foliage coloration and subtle shading.

Then there's the EIM that I'm working on. Here we go with the first four of 2017. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, but I didn't want to lose that fabric swatch, as I'm bound to do.

The first one is rabbit (and you never have just one!), the hampster dance, a cat who looks as happy about the weather as I do (the cold, the rain! just stay inside!) and the dog (which, for whatever reason, one repeat along the selvage had all green shading. weird).

The objective at last week's TwobyTwo was happy. Too many ideas were trying to work their way through to the cerebral surface. One of my other goals this year is to tackle Illustrator. Again.
While this was created in Photoshop, some of the methods to make it were borrowed from what I know about Illustrator (slim-to-none). This simple thing took me an hour! UGH.

With many an apology to all of the artists who have gone before me in this, along with a special nod to Robert Herrick, who may have been the first to use the smiley in text as :) in 1648!
And we think we're so clever!

If the hamster dance music is driving you as crazy as I: Don't worry, be happy!
I bid you a happy and brilliant day! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love the dra-Wing, love that one! your inchies are great so much detail on that cat. The smilie face is great. AS someone who has used PSP I know it is a tough thing to use those programs.

  2. You may have been quiet on the art front recently but this week you are obviously making up for it! Hating the crap weather too.....


  3. Some great inchies, well done for catching up.The weather here is pretty grim too, we are high up and have been in mist/cloud/fog for several days now.

  4. Lovely and delicate use of Drawings. I can't believe that you are required to use a specific brand of colored pencils for a class. There are a lot of color conversion lists that I would think would be appropriate. It's not like you're trying to use Crayolas for goodness sake. (Although, when I teach coloring classes, I allow Crayolas too as their really not bad at all!)

  5. I love how delicate you made your Drawings, and the inchies are fun!

  6. I like your Drawingstile and your Inchies, my favorite is also the one with the cat, very funny!

  7. I know what you mean about coming out of the chaos and trying to find order however you seem to be doing very well - love the dra-wing -very delicate and well done on your catch-up inchies - love the bunnies and yes we always had more - trouble is if you have two you generally end up with more!! Love your hamster dance and super cat - he does look cold or indignant about something! Well done you for even getting dog done and what a lovely dog too.

  8. Terrific arrwork and a wonderful collection of inchies

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Very delicate and fragile drawings! Love your inchies! :)