Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Two Weeks of Inchies

Somehow, the easier the subject matter, the tougher it gets to wrap my head around it. The Inchie word last week was "vegetable." How hard could that be? Making a living won out, so I passed on it until today. Doing a little de-cluttering of my to-do list.
For the vegetable, I chose to take a photograph of the last harvest from my garden. While other Arizona gardeners are gearing up for a fine season of cool vegetables, I have to put mine to rest. Shade and gophers are my enemies. Thus, these hot, hot, hot! peppers!
This week's inchie is "violet." I saw that another artist chose a perfect little violet  from her house and this is mine. It's a houseplant I acquired with my house and it likes to be outside, surviving through the heat of an Arizona summer. Every part of it is purple. I found a seed company calling it "Purple Heart," while the botanical name is Tradescantia pallida. What a mouthful for a tiny little flower:
OK, those weren't so hard, right?! Well, then there's the twinchies. I went a little farther afield with these. Last week was "pumpkin." Follow me here...there's pumpkin and then there's...
Oh, boy! That's a stretch, huh?! 
This week it's "fire." Right this minute I think a cozy blanket, coffee, a good book and some logs burning in a fireplace would make a great combination (We're having a bit of a chill here in AZ today and I'll be dipped if I turn on the heat!). But that's not what my teenie art brain had in mind at all. I've had onomatopoeia on my mind (that'll be my next post...but I'm getting ahead of myself), so this roughly translated into:
I think gets me all caught up on these things. Until next week....
Check out all the inchie ladies; they are a diverse crew with talents that spread the galaxy. Beads, thread, paper, paint, oh, my!


  1. Love your work!!!! You know, your inchie picture on EIM links to Flickr, and I have trouble signing into it, hence no comments. Finally go on to your blog and so much to look at :) I love all your ideas for the miniatures, especially fire.

  2. Sorry you had trouble with Flickr, but sometimes that's an easier route to take (all this cloud technology! some of it works and some of it doesn't, know what I mean?). I just had to go with FIRE as a VERB since I have a very twisted mind sometimes! Glad you liked it! Have a brilliant day, Zoe! c