Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fresh Snow

While most of the States have had incredible cold and massive amounts of snow, we've been spared all of that here in the desert. Which is good as I'm not good at all that (that's why I moved from New England). But there's still something to be said for that first, sparkly snow that makes everything look like it's sprinkled with jewels. (I love to drive up to Flagstaff, see snow and turn around and plop into the jacuzzi by dinner).
Why I say all this is it's what came to mind working on the IAST 68 today.

Fresh Snow

I've also been having some fun with Krishna's Mandala Monday. Here's my first response for MM004 and another one for MM003:

I'm working on more as I can print a bunch of them at a time. I'm not really happy drawing on basic printer paper, but I can work out ideas and just all around have a good time.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! And when I'm all done our festivities, come back for my recipe for turkey sandwiches. My daughter can't wait--she doesn't mind that she's not going to be here for the big bird tomorrow. Word of warming: it is NOT dietetic. 

And if you're looking for something "interesting," check out the blog of the "World's Best Twinchies" scoped on Flickr. I dont' know how I found it, but I've gone back to look for inspiration and lo! and behold! Three of mine are on there. How weird is that?

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