Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post Number 50

What fun I've been having creating mini-masterpieces of art--inchies, twinchies, Zentangles--paper, paint, markers and glue have been my almost constant companions for the past three months. (And a strong smattering of yarn, but that story will still have to wait!). And to share my efforts with a new-found community of friends who are AMAZINGLY talented.
One of the talents I've "met" is Adele Bruno at Tickled to Tangle. She posts challenges of strings with a prereq list of tangles and boy! Challenging!
I had fun with this weeks IAST. At first glance I was intimidated by the three tangles chosen; they seemed so dissimilar. But once I got going, they all played together nicely.
Last week I was the first to respond with my spider web, so I freaked when I saw my art as the lead-in to her post of responses! How cool is that?
There's a huge collection of tangly people that visit the Diva, who has created a fabulous weekly challenge. And that's how I found Mandala Monday by Krishna. This is her first of what I hope are many, as I like working in the round and the concept of mandala. This is my first response:

I thank these talented and committed individuals that are putting in a lot of effort to help all of us create a huge body of work. Sometime I hope I can return the favor, perhaps throw out a challenge of my own?
Thanks for checking out my art. Be sure to see how others have responded!


  1. Thank you, Lucy! Glad you like my work! Have a brilliant day. c