Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mellow Yellow

Time to get caught up again.
We've been packing a lot into this summer! Hardly time to think, let alone try to do something creative. Requires thought, time and materials. Hard to do when I'm swinging a hammer. It's still demolition mode on our spa, so....Not sitting still all that much! And when I am, I'm trying to finish a blanket that is over 12 years in the making. More on that later...

I'll try to get caught up on EIM:
For "Yellow," I chose daisies I photographed in Flagstaff on a road trip with my son:
Yellow Dots
For "Window," this stylistic photograph of our view out a cabin on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon last week. We were a mere 50 feet from that big hole in the ground, separated by a small stand of Ponderosa. And it was delightfully cool weather.
Grand View
And I have "China" on the brain for the TwobyTwo, so this is a carryover from that prompt for this week's EIM: "Wall."

The Great Wall of China
Which brings me to my response for the TwobyTwo, a lotus flower:

Chinese flower
I was going to draw from my antique tea set, but then I realized they were Japanese, so I'll save that for another day!

Back to all the fun we've been up to. Hammers and nails. Thanks for stopping by; make sure to check out these fun challenges!


  1. Love your inchie and adore your lotus flower!

  2. love all the pictures and the flower, what a great design

  3. Amazing to think that you managed to create all of this and still do demolition work!


  4. great inchies - love the great wall of china, pretty yellow flower and what a fantastic view of those trees you have. well done all.