Monday, August 17, 2015

A Blankie for Charity

It's saying something when the desert Southwest is experiencing a heatwave. Phoenix proper boasted record triple-digits and overnights of over 90 degrees! That's hot, hot, HOT! We're not quite in the thick of it, but still VERY warm. And still, no rain!
And what am I doing? Crocheting wool blankets.
I've been called crazy before, and I guess I've earned the title!
I proudly finished a blanket I believe I started at least two moves ago, maybe four....designed to match a sofa that no longer exists. It's mostly wool, about thirty colors and full-sized. After 12 years, it's finally finished! YAY!

Boy, am I glad that's done. It was hot under all that yarn. 

Emboldened by my success and a will to clean out some clutter, I put some woobies up for sale on a little Internet concern. Maybe you've heard of it? Ebay
And I put one up for charity!

The listing, for now, can be found here. So, spread the word--I want that one SOLD!

And speaking of spreading the Word, with a capital, "W," my entry for today's EIM. For "lamp" I have chosen the everlasting light that breaks the darkness, the great I AM:

(AND I'm getting it in on Monday! HA!) 

I thank you for stopping by, I appreciate the company. I have been blessed this past year with meeting such lovely folks all over the planet! I am feeling much more philosophical than time really allows me today, but my life is richer because of you! 
Thank you!


  1. Great blankets! I spotted your inchie and I love it ~ You are the light of the world ~ !
    Blessings to you, Karen

  2. I adore the blankets! I am sorry that they were hot and that it is HOT there. I do also love the inchie what an awesome take on the theme. But I am most intrigued by the fact that you had 30 colors and 12 years into the first blanket! I would love to see the couch that inspired it!

  3. Well done on finishing the blankets, it took me a long time to do a patchwork cover with 1" hexagons so I can relate to time scales! Hope your temperatures start to drop soon, we start our return to Scotland tomorrow so I know I'm heading back to heating & hot water bottles :-(


  4. Wow, you can crochet and all. I always say that I don't do the only useful, practical crafts - knitting and crocheting lol Like your twist on the inchie.

  5. Oh it sounds too hot for blanket making but yours is wonderful and so is your inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. I can also relate to your blanket story. I worked on an afghan for 17 years before declaring it DONE. First and last crocheted afghan.

    Love your inchie!

  7. Yes, we must be crazy working with wool in this heat. I just finished a very long double loop cowl that I crochet in wool. It will be nice in the winter though. Your blanket it beautiful and worth the wait, I'm sure. Great inchie too :)

  8. you are crazy to be crocheting in all that heat - personally, I'm knitting. lol. I took over 30 years to finish a blanket recently - now to find someone who wants it. well done artwork.