Monday, August 24, 2015

A Little Spanish Lesson

While I'm letting the glue on my twinchies dry, I decided to work on my inchie for the week. At EIM the word of the day is, "Pavillion." Good thing I put my teenie brain to work yesterday to try to cram all that into an inch space!

My first thought was a gazebo kind of thing, and that's all fine and wonderful, if you live in say, New England. Here in the desert Southwest, a "ramada" (rah MAH dah) is more appropriate. It's still a shade structure and they can be elaborate man-made constructions of stone for outdoor kitchens or simply made of found logs--for the uprights and across the corners and skinnier sticks--called "latillas" (pronounced, "lah TEE yahz), lashed across the top. I have seen ocotillos (oh koh TEE yohz) used in museum installations, but I have none of those (YET!), so I chose some olive saplings. Unto themselves, the thirty year-old olives in our yard provide dense shade and an occasional olive (and in most neighborhoods, olives are illegal to plant as they are high in allergens, but ours is a laissez-faire kind of place).

All right, moving right along!
I've been working on some twinchies for the TwobyTwo. This week, it's "grass." I kept it fairly light-hearted:

Beads on Scrapbook Paper
Trying to make it look like little flowers
Beads on Styrofoam
with Acrylic Paints
(and still waiting for the glue to dry)
Digital Scrapbook Page
Elements from
I could really enjoy digging my toes into some nice, cool grass, sipping a lemonade. But I guess I have to settle for sitting under the olive tree with a nice, cool margarita.


  1. As I was writing on Jean's blog, I just didn't think in that direction of "pavilion". Love yours. I tell you what, your twinchies are so wow! How clever is the polystyrene one. Sooner or later I will come back to Two by Two with yet another twinchie...... sooner or later...... :) hugs, z

  2. I did not know that olives were high in allergens. I really love your inchie as you thought outside the box on that one. I really love your grass twinchies, great use of beautiful beads :)

  3. And, those olive trees that are still around that do produce olives, well, what a mess they make! Since you are an Arizonan, my first thought of pavilion was The Pavilions. A huge shopping center in Scottsdale where we used to go look at all the fancy cars on the weekend and eat McDonald's ice cream cones as we walked. Pretty beaded flowers!

  4. thanks for the lesson - I love learning new things - I think your inchie is very creative. well done.

  5. Love all that I've learnt on here today!


  6. It's all so amazing about the olive tree and pavilions! Your beadwork piece is beautiful.