Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Little Zenful Meditation

Like most of my artful expressions, I am self-taught in the art of Zentangle. It's true, I haven't taken a class on it, just my usual method of reading and researching. I know I'm probably missing something (er, a LOT!). But for now, grabbing a book or reading an internet blog will have to suffice. My level of proficiency and my adaptations of the artform are sufficient to me in their current standings amidst my current circumstances.
I got a lot closer to meeting a Zentangle master this week at the Diva with guest blogger Holly Atwater, who provided some audio lessons. I tried my best to slo-o-o-w d-o-o-own, but found I was faster or slower than the instructions. And I listened very carefully...until I heard "draw an orb and fill it in." And I tried again and still heard it that way, so I'm sticking with this:

Filled in Orbs
Sharpie on Strathmore Sketch Paper

Holly offered an alternative route, and considering how much I "love" Tripoli, I went to Plan "B."
A little combo effort. In both instances I went as far as I was happy with all those triangles and I'm happy with them.


  1. I too found listening to be an art I have not yet mastered but I quite enjoyed it anyway.I particularly like the Betweed/Tripoli mix and I think it works very well.

  2. I love BOTH of your examples of this tangle! Beautifully done! I think you did an AWESOME job listening and creating your tiles. The point is not necessarily to create the same thing as everyone else... it is to listen and create your interpretation of the words! This same pattern will and can look different whether you know and see the step outs in advance or whether you're listening to audio prompts. That's the beauty of art and Zentangle®! I think you demonstrated this beautifully! Wonderfully done! Thanks so much for trying the audio challenge.

  3. You are so good with this (for me very) difficult tangle!

  4. I am partial to the second tile that look like a bird, a parrot.

  5. I really like your Plan "B" :-) Nice fillings and a nice composition.

  6. Holly is so right. Even when I teach, live, to ten people, we will have 10 different results. It's the journey that counts. Nice pieces!