Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Fish is a Gold Mine!

Here are some variations on "Goldfish," for the TwobyTwo art blog. I didn't want to do just one and I had the luxury of trying different media. Indeed, I want to tackle each word this year from various perspectives. We'll see how successful THAT is!

I like the look of watercolor but have no formal training in it and my results can best be described as elementary. This one was done with Staedtler watercolor pencils:

He looks quite mean, doesn't he? You should see my other attempts, but I'm not showing them. This guy should be happy he's the best of the bunch.

Then there's a pencil sketch. While he already outgrew his fishbowl, I used it to contain the composition, unlike the first guy's blank canvas:
I really wanted to try to draw a koi in a fish pond, but he looked more like a drowned rat getting gobbled up by lily pads that resembled Pac Man, so forget about seeing THAT.
To try to just get to know some colored pencil colors, I downloaded a coloring page of Cleo from Disney's "Pinocchio."

The colors are all wrong, the yellow in the scan is too dark. I have no delusions that I own the copyright to that image, since Pinocchio came out in 1940 and Disney's lawyers are everywhere. I colored it, I'll take the blame.
This one is a photocollage of several digital images. As I was playing in Photoshop, I wanted to create a sense of movement, which is why some of it is blurry. It was intentional! Do you think it worked out?

The tangly woman at Tickled to Tangle is up to challenge #126. I haven't done one of those in a while and this one worked out better than okay. Thanks, Adele!

IAST 126
Phroz, 4Fun and Pop Clouds
As per usual I had one idea on how I wanted it to end up and it had its mind made up on how it wanted to go. Some of the geometry is off, but it's not a real distraction to none other than myself.
So that was soooooo last week. Now to work on THIS week!


  1. I really love the water colored one, I had not noticed his eyes until you mentioned it. I like the drawn one that is too big for the bowl, it does give it dimension. I really love the pic that you manipulated. I thought it was a professional pic. You rocked it out! Have a great one

    1. Thank you, Freebird! It's kinda funny how a scan can change a picture as the watercolor fish doesn't really look too menacing. But it does here! Thank you for stopping by! c

  2. I love your fishes! The fist one has a wonderful colour and the one in the fishbowl is really cute :-)
    Nice tile for Adeles challenge too!

  3. Cheryl, that's an amazing watercolour! You're a great artist! Love your tile too.

  4. Love all your goldfish, I meant to join in the challenge, but ran out of time.

  5. Love all your goldfish, I meant to join in the challenge, but ran out of time.